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With a Healthpick membership card you pay a yearly membership fee which entitles you to discounted private medical, dental and optical care at any of the clinics on our network. Members also have the added benefit of up to £10,000 worldwide accident and emergency dental cover from the moment you register.

How do I save money?

You simply join and visit a participating dental, medical or optical clinic. Your fees are then reduced at each ap-pointment on production of your Healthpick membership card. You will cover what you have paid for your membership card in the saving from the first check up. Of course, the total amount you save will depend on the treatment you have. Savings can total as much as 40% discount on private dental, medical and optical treat-ment. Use our savings calculator to see how much you can save.

How do I join?

Just fill in our easy online application form . Our payment system uses encryption technology to ensure your security. Your membership card is posted to you within 10 working days. If you need to visit a dentist, doctor or optician urgently, you can use your membership receipt until you receive your membership card.

How do I find a practice?

You can find a practice close to your home, workplace or anywhere within the UK by using our practice locator . If you can’t find a practice in your area our refer a practice facility allows you to refer a dental practice that is not already on our network.

Join Today and Save

Healthpick Membership is so easy to join. It gives you so much for less than the price of one cup of coffee a month! Join today click here